My name is Stawny, I am a male Hedge Witch and practitioner of the occult, esoteric crafts. I am neither White nor Black in practices but in balance of the polarities of White & Black or positive and negative.

Having a balance is vital in any practice, you cannot be positive without understand what the negative is and vice-versa. Positive and negative, black and white are not separate but are the same thing, just opposite polarities of themselves. Just as all humans, animals, plants and all matter are one thing, consciousness and energetic vibration frequencies. As we become lower and denser in energetic frequencies then matter arises from the quantum fields or more precisely the illusion of matter of which or biological senses then perceive as a solid reality.

As a Hedge Witch we know and understand how to navigate and transverse these frequencies using a technique we call traditionally as Hedge Riding. This allows us to travel within other dimensions and realms, and here we can seek knowledge and help and bring this back to our Earthly realm, healing, knowledge, help and protection.

This site / blog I share with anyone who wants to know and understand our ways and people who want help and understanding in why and who they feel they are. Unlike a lot of Witchcraft / Pagan websites etc. there is know judgement here, there is no ego driven thinking where one person wants to control everyone else. That is not the way it is meant to be and is a big part of why the planet is in serious trouble right now.

Please join me, follow and share and let the healing process begin, where you can also join me in healing others and freeing them of the burden of conditioning all face today.